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Portion for Orphans exists to fulfill two primary goals:

  • Raise public awareness about orphans worldwide
  • Improve the quality of care provided to orphans

Raising society’s awareness of orphans and the critical problems they experience is the first step towards becoming compassionate to them and acting to solve their problems. Through visits to orphanages around the globe and first-hand interactions with orphans and their caregivers, we heighten our own awareness of the numerous challenges that orphans face each day. Portion for Orphans relies on informational events, public speeches, as well as printed and online publications to distribute alarming information about orphans to individuals and organizations who have the ability to become a part of the solution to their problems.

By partnering with supporters and volunteers, Portion for Orphans strives to improve the lives of orphaned children by meeting their physical, educational, emotional, spiritual, and vocational needs. Face-to-face contact with children at supported orphanages enables Portion for Orphans to accurately assess and prioritize their problems in order to determine their most vital needs. On a case-specific basis, Portion for Orphans volunteers take an active, personal approach to finding solutions and bringing together the resources required to meet the urgent needs of children and orphanages.